BKP GROUP, a.s. is exclusively a Czech, manufacturing and trading company with more than 25 years of tradition in the production of materials for the automotive industry, production and revitalization of industrial rail and wheeled vehicles and civil service vehicles. The integrated policy is announced to support the implementation of the quality management system (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001, the environmental management system (EMS) according to ISO 14001 and the occupational health and safety system (SMS) according to OHSAS 18001, as a functional management tool of BKP GROUP, a.s.

Politics expresses the opinion of senior management that quality, environment and occupational safety is an integral part of corporate governance. It sets out the basic principles and goals to achieve high quality production and customer satisfaction:

- We understand quality as a full satisfaction of customer requirements, needs and expectations.
- Ensuring the high quality of our work must not be at the expense of health and safety. Minimizing the negative impacts of our activities on the environment is a matter of course for us as well as preventing the occurrence of injuries and health damage.
- We maintain open communication and long-term collaboration with all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, and more).
- We want to be the first customer choice, we want to delight our customers with the quality of our products and we want to be one of the best and most sought after companies in our target industry.
- Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work. He knows his rights and duties, is aware of his responsibility to BKP GROUP, a.s., other people and the environment.
- Our goal is to deliver the product without defects, in accordance with legal regulations and customer requirements, and at the same time we want to reduce the number of complaints on our realized orders. Another objective is to continuously improve the quality of technological processes of production in order to ensure compliance with the specified emission limits with high reserves, increase the fire safety of buildings and minimize the risk of leakage of hazardous substances.
- We continually improve management, company performance, and improve the integrated system, with the aim of creating an environment for the company that enhances its employees' awareness of both the environment and safety at work. The main aspects are the prevention of accidents, the risk of damage to health resulting from work, environmental damage and material damage.

This integrated policy is binding on all company employees.

Petr Pančocha

Chairman of the Board of Directors


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