Product portfolio

  • 01 polyester putties Two-component polyester putties, suitable by type for filling common surfaces such as metals, composites, fiberglass, concrete, wood and hard plastic. Individual types vy with used raw material fillers and workability after hardening.

  • 02 spray putties Two-component polyester spray putties unify surface between filled and non-filled places offset the surface before top coatings and also reduce the absorbency of the substrate.

  • 03 fillers Acrylic and polyurethane fillers provide excellent surface before applying topcoats. In this category includes both two-component materials, and one-component acrylic filler. Pot-life and hardening ratios vary by type of material.

  • 04 clear coats Two-component acrylic transparent varnishes creates a highly reflective and durable film on the painted surface. We offer several types of clear coats with conventional hardening ratios which differ in solids content.

  • 05 thinners Wide ofer of solvents to adjust the consistency of putties, fillers and paints.

  • 06 polishing New comprehensive range of products for polishing and surface treatment of car bodies. It contains a special polishing pastes, waxes and wheels for their application, including assembled kits for retail consumers.

  • 07 protective coatings and sprays In this category we include coatings for the chassis and sills of vehicles, coatings for cavity protection and insulation coatings. Standard delivery package are liter cartridges suitable for the application by a special gun. In case you do not have a spray technique, we would like to offer you the favorite customer packaging - sprays.

  • 08 additional products The offer of complementary range includes special sealing materials, lamination sets, preparations for degreasing and increasing the adhesion of surfaces.

  • 09 tools Tools, preparations for auto paint shops and personal protective equipment.


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