protective coatings and sprays


  • Non-paintable protection on car chassis, trailers and metal products, made on rubber and asphalt base. It forms a durable elastic layer protecting against abrasive action of de-icing materials, the effects of corrosion, gasoline, oil, water and salt. It acts as a sound insulation. It has excellent adhesion to a clean metal surfaces and the metal overpainted by the protective coatings on rubber or asphalt base.

    Package: 1,0 l – cartridge for spray gun; 500 ml – spray

    Colour: black


  • Corrosion inhibitor to protect the enclosed profiles for car bodies based on synthetic wax resins. It has excellent penetration properties, penetrates into the depth of the slots and connections, where displaces moisture. It is resistant to high temperatures and frost. After drying at room temperature creates a flexible film that protects from moisture and salt. It is applied by spraying into automotive body cavities, such as arches, chassis, doors, pillars, etc.

    Package: 1,0 l – cartridge for spray gun; 500 ml – spray

    Colour: amber


  • Recoatable protection on car chassis and thresholds, based on synthetic resins. It forms thick elastic layer protecting against abrasive action of spreading materials, effects of corrosion, gasoline, water, oil and salt. It has protective and dumping properties.

    Package: 1,0 l; 1,5 l – cartridge for spray gun

    Colour: white, gray, black

    Package: 500 ml – spray

    Colour: gray, black

    UBS 2v1

  • Paintable coating designed to protect the car body (tresholds, chassis) against stones and rust. Suitable also to seal connections (seams, grooves and folds) where is applied with a spray gun. Significantly dampens noise from the wheels and chassis thanks to content of rubber and resins.

    Package: 1,0 l – cartridge for spray gun

    Colour: gray, black


  • Tool for assessing the quality of sanding the surface for coating. Dries quickly and is easily applied. It can be used on polyester putties and acryl fillers.

    Package: 500 ml – spray

    Colour: black


  • Fast drying paint suitable for universal usage. It can be applied on car parts made from metal, sheet metal and plastics (after application of plastic primer) and can be used also as covering coating for various paint works both in exterior and interior. It has good leveling, spreading rate and adhesion, resistance against light and weather conditions. It is resistant against scratching.

    Package: 500 ml – spray

    Colour: black matt


  • A mixture of special resins and anticorrosive pigments free of lead and chromates. The high zinc content ensures high corrosion protection without repainting by subsequent topcoats. It is used on parts of motor vehicles, which may not be painted (exhaust system, welded zinc-plated parts and unpainted interior of the body). Electrically conductive, resistant to temperatures up to 450°C.

    Package: 400 ml – spray

    Colour: gray


  • Anticorrosive protection based on acrylic resin. It is mainly used on constructions exposed to water and weather. Used as an additional protection on the construction of galvanized sheet damaged by welding. It can be used on radiators, heating equipment, pipes, railings and fences. Good resistance to chemicals.

    Package: 400 ml – spray

    Colour: silver


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